Application Of Gf Machine Dryer

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Vacuum freeze-drying technology is widely used in bioengineering, pharmaceutical industry, food industry, material science and deep processing of agricultural and sideline products.  Freeze drying of drugs includes western medicine and traditional Chinese medicine.  Western medicine freeze-drying has been developed to a certain extent in China. Many large pharmaceutical factories have freeze-drying equipment. For example, GF Machine is an expert in this field.  In the aspect of injection, freeze-drying technology is widely used, which improves the quality and storage period of drugs and brings benefits to both doctors and patients.  However, there are not many varieties of freeze-dried drugs at present, the product price is high, and the drying technology is not advanced.  In the aspect of traditional Chinese medicine, the freeze-drying of a small amount of traditional Chinese medicines such as ginseng, pilose antler, yam, cordyceps and the like is still limited at present, and a large amount of traditional Chinese medicines have not yet adopted the freeze-drying process, which has a big gap with foreign countries.  A few years ago, Japan launched the "western preparation of Chinese medicine", which changed the decocting method of traditional Chinese medicine, solved the tradition that traditional Chinese medicine cannot be made into injections or tablets, and also solved the problem that traditional Chinese medicine does not cure acute diseases. Therefore, the research on freeze-drying technology and products of traditional Chinese medicine in China has great potential.  In the field of biotechnology products, freeze-drying technology is mainly used in the production of drugs such as serum, plasma, vaccines, enzymes, antibiotics, hormones, etc.  Biochemical inspection drugs, immunological and bacteriological inspection drugs;  Long-term preservation of blood, bacteria, arteries, bones, skin, cornea, nerve tissue and various organs, etc.  The current situation of equipment is inseparable from the development of freeze-drying technology, application and equipment. Up to now, freeze-drying equipment is mainly divided into intermittent type and continuous type. The scale of equipment ranges from less than one square meter to tens of square meters.  Intermittent freeze-drying equipment Intermittent freeze-drying equipment is suitable for small batch production of many varieties, especially for seasonal food production in the food field.  Freeze dryer manufacturers use single machine operation. If one equipment fails, the normal operation of other equipment will not be affected.  Intermittent freeze-drying equipment is convenient to control the requirements of heating temperature and vacuum degree in different stages of material drying.  The processing, manufacturing and maintenance of the equipment are easy.  However, due to the time-consuming operations such as loading, unloading and starting, the equipment utilization rate is low and the production efficiency is not high.  Continuous freeze-drying equipment In recent years, continuous vacuum freeze-drying equipment has been explored and used at home and abroad.  Continuous equipment is characterized by being suitable for the production of products with single variety, large output and sufficient raw materials, especially for the production of slurry and granular products.  Continuous equipment is easy to realize automatic control and simplifies manual operation and management. Its main disadvantage is high cost.  With the end of GMP certification, domestic excellent freeze-drying equipment for medicine has entered the modern stage in an all-round way. It has complete functions, reliable work and stable performance. It can realize on-line cleaning (CIP) or steam sterilization (SIP). All technical indexes can meet the needs of freeze-drying production of biological products and medicines.  In contrast, foreign freeze-drying equipment has more varieties and specifications than domestic freeze-drying equipment, complete supporting equipment, delicate energy-saving structure and large production capacity of continuous freeze-drying equipment.  In order to ensure the quality and energy saving of freeze-dried products, freeze-drying equipment combined with other drying equipment, such as spray freeze-drying equipment, is often used.  In the future, how to improve the freeze-drying efficiency, shorten the drying time and save energy on the premise of ensuring the product quality will be the goal of the majority of freeze-drying industry workers.

With the development and progress of modern drying equipment, Fruit Drying Equipment has also ushered in modern development. if you are interested, please contact Zhejiang guanfeng food machinery co., ltd.