Tacky Sublimation Paper Is Suitable For A Variety Of Applications

The roll sublimation paper process has a very wide range of market applications.

Heat transfer clothing in the past few years can be said to have been doing well in China. It is a hot project in the hearts of many people who want to start a business. Its core is craftsmanship. The roll sublimation paper process has a very wide range of market applications. Many people blurt out T-shirts when they talk about heat transfer! In fact, it is not just T-shirts, but also baking pans, baking cups, and porcelain statues are all the same technology. Because the technical content of the thermal transfer process is not too high, there are a lot of people doing this in the market, and an investment of tens of thousands of yuan is enough.

As heat transfer clothing has been popular in Europe and America for a long time, it is a relatively mature business project. Heat transfer with jeans is also a classic popular dress. From the market point of view, the apparel industry is always a rich gold mine. In my country, the characteristics of self and individual consumption of casual apparel have been very distinctive, which has created a good market foundation for heat transfer apparel.

Traditional clothing is generally processed from the assembly line of the factory, suitable for mass production, but for young people who flaunt their creativity and individuality, such clothing is far from satisfying their fashion taste buds. Heat transfer clothing allows you to express your creativity and directly participate in clothing design. Looking at almost all clothing, including children’s clothing, women’s clothing, and men’s clothing, there are various patterns. It can be seen that heat transfer is the soul of these clothing Like existence!


There are various products suitable for heat transfer, including gloves, mouse pads, hats, puzzles, casual wear, curtains, bags, shoes, etc. In terms of the processing process alone, heat transfer heat transfer is very simple, so it is very easy to learn. If you have a hot-stamped pattern, you only need to put tacky sublimation paper on the position of the hot-stamping pattern. After adjusting the temperature, press down the hot stamping machine. After a few seconds, a heat transfer is completed. .