Introduction To Seeding Machine

Seeding Machine's plastic plate seedlings are easy to transport, saving labor, time and labor.

   Nursery is the meaning of cultivating seedlings. The original meaning is to cultivate seedlings in nurseries, hotbeds or greenhouses for transplanting to the ground for planting. It can also refer to the stage in which various organisms undergo manual maintenance until they can survive independently. As the saying goes, "Miao Zhuang half-harvest." Rice Planting Machine seedling cultivation is a labor-intensive, time-consuming, and highly technical work.

   In the past, most of the traditional methods of live broadcasting in the open field or the use of sun borders, improved sun borders and solar greenhouses were used to raise seedlings. Due to the rough equipment and the influence of natural conditions, the nursery seedlings are long in age, poor in quality, uneven in size, and high in cost. They often lack seedlings due to natural disasters such as freezing damage or pests. Moreover, traditional seedling raising techniques only rely on experience, and there are many technical errors, especially it is difficult to control and implement seedling raising based on experience alone. For this reason, we propose to adopt a centralized seedling transplanting method, which has many benefits as follows:

   1. Concentrated early-stage lunch management of seedlings, especially pest control;

  2, after the seedlings are raised and planted, the seedlings are not slowed down, and the plant growth is uniform;

  3. The nutrient formula of the substrate used for nursery is reasonable, the cultivated seedlings are strong, the root system is ***, the growth is fast, the flower bud differentiation is good, the yield is increased and the market can be early;

  4. The use of a special substrate for seedling cultivation is non-bacterial and non-toxic, reducing the occurrence of soil-borne diseases;

  5. Seeding Machine's plastic plate seedlings are easy to transport, saving labor, time and labor.