Long-term Use Of Copper Hydroxide

you can guarantee the long-term use of Copper Hydroxide and bring us more benefits.

  How much do you know about Basic Copper Carbonate? If care is not taken during storage, Basic Copper Carbonate will fail. Today we introduce to you the storage conditions of Basic Copper Carbonate, hope it will be helpful to you.

   1. When storing Basic Copper Carbonate, pay attention to the storage warehouse, the temperature change is as small as possible, and it is not easy to be damp. Basic Copper Carbonate is easy to agglomerate in contact with water or other liquids, and should be packed in the original container or sealed container;

   2. Under normal circumstances, Basic Copper Carbonate will not cause harm, but necessary measures should be taken to avoid contact with human skin and eyes, causing accidental injury;

   3. Basic Copper Carbonate is a white powder and granules. The particles are dust-free, highly wettable, highly active, dense, and improve the fineness. Operators need to be extra careful.

   The above is the introduction of today's content. Hope you like it. Be careful when storing Copper Hydroxide. If you follow the above knowledge, you can guarantee the long-term use of Copper Hydroxide and bring us more benefits.