The game of chicken being played between the Eagles

The game of chicken being played between the Eagles

A Wentz deal was never going to be simple in Mut 21 coins limited marketplace

The game of chicken being played between the Eagles, Colts and Bears over Carson Wentz was never especially close to being solved, despite what so many breathlessly reported around the Super Bowl, and his $10M roster bonus due next month stays an elephant in the room. The Eagles paid Sam Bradford a huge chunk of money not that long ago and then dealt him anyhow, to the Vikings, for a first-round pick. Some believe ownership might be willing to -- or may merely have to -- consume that type of hit again to facilitate getting maximum compensation for what amounts to Philly's backup QB at this point. Tough pill and one that will not go down easy, but I don't observe the kind of offers going their way increasing much unless financial burden is born from the Eagles. There are a ton of options available including the draft, and an extremely limited market for Wentz. This was never shut, was always going to be tricky and while I expect Wentz is gone from the coming months, that this was never going to be smooth.

Produced an oversight in my column last week projecting the franchise label class for 2021 -- that stands to be robust and using a number of"repeat offenders" if you will, in clubs that'll be applying the label for a second straight year on the exact same player (or at least seriously considering it). The Broncos paid star safety Justin Simmons $11.4M a year ago on the franchise tag and sources tell me are very likely to apply it again in 2021 as a way to attempting to secure a long-term handle the playmaker. New general director George Paton is not likely to need to begin his own regime viewing one of the best players walk out the door and I would be amazed if Simmons is not labeled again in a few weeks. Odds are he has lots of business from one year ago.

The Jaguars, Chargers and Colts create a great deal of sense as potential suitors for Ravens left tackle/right tackle Orlando Brown Jr., as his agent continues to pursue trade options after having being granted permission to do so. All have some amount of interest, the Chargers and Jaguars either have or are about to get a potential generational QB on his rookie deal seriously in need of vastly enhanced protection, and Brown displayed an ability to perform with his favored position -- left handle -- at a very large level filling in for injured All-Pro Ronnie Stanley last season. This is likely to linger some time as teams anticipate the salary cap, and teams like the Colts and Bears type through their quarterback choices. But there was enough initial interest a win-win that matches Baltimore's worth of the player and enables him to Buy Madden 21 Coins, MUT 21 Coins For Sale - be compensated just like a left handle is hardly out of the question.

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