Principle Of Portable Folding Gazebo

Portable Folding Gazebo uses high-strength aluminum alloy materials to make the crank arm and frame, plus pure resin field-type plastic powder spraying, the color is brighter and the color is more durable.

  Portable Folding Gazebo uses high-strength aluminum alloy materials to make the crank arm and frame, plus pure resin field-type plastic powder spraying, the color is brighter and the color is more durable. Fully enclosed planning, maximum maintenance of the whole, not only the circulation of lines, but also the special quality. The latest technology to dispose of cloth can effectively prevent rain and ultraviolet aggression.
  Electric and manual are free to choose, allowing you to retract and release freely. Crank arm elastic type, swing arm type and hanging arm type introduce German skills and are suitable for villas and apartments. It can effectively prevent direct ultraviolet rays, control indoor temperature, save power consumption, and add color to the room.
  Information: Aluminum alloy front tube, galvanized rear tube, aluminum alloy crank arm. Iron bracket and high-grade thick Oxford cloth and Australian silk cloth.
  Features: The entire crank arm group can be adjusted to the point of view on a scale of 5-60 degrees, and can be flat or hoisted on rigid walls such as concrete, brick wall, wood, light steel keel, etc. It has a large sunshade area, simple operation, durable, environmental protection and energy saving features.
  Use: Regardless of the private garden, rooftop, sunshine house or bedroom window, it is still a commercial pedestrian street, coffee bar, or tea house in the wild, it allows you to stick to nature and enjoy the splendid sunny days. Not only can summer save a lot of air-conditioning costs, it is also a beautiful scenery.
System principle of flexible (crank arm) awning

  1. The crank arm has an all-aluminum alloy frame layout. The joint part of the crank arm is equipped with a powerful tension spring. Manual or electric tension spring is used to close the canopy, and the elastic force of the crank arm is used to open and expand the awning. During the operation of horizontal pushing and bending arm movement, the distance between the two bending arms should be between 20° and 160°, and the arm of the pushing cloth guide rod and the cloth guide rod should be straight, so that the tent fabric is in tension. Aluminum alloy frame, light and strong structure, anodized and sprayed on the surface, painted, durable and lubricating, corrosion-resistant.
    2. Fabrics usually include acrylic fiber and polyester fiber fabrics. The color, pattern, and style of the fabric are rich, and they are selected according to the user's preference. Because the acrylic fiber fabric is made of color spinning, it has excellent weather resistance and can reach Grade 7-8, it can be used for five years under good air environment conditions without fading. In contrast, the weather fastness of polyester fiber fabrics is normal. The fabric should have a certain waterproof function, and the impermeability of the excellent quality fabric should be greater than 350mm hydrostatic pressure water column.
      3. The overall organization, function, and overall layout are reflected in the aspects of resistance to water load, wind resistance of operating force and mechanical durability.
      4. The drive system is driven by manual crank rocker, winch or tubular motor. Generally, tubular motor drive should be selected for more than 5 meters. In the area where the power can be cut off, it cannot be folded when the wind blows. It is necessary to select a manual electric dual-purpose tubular motor. When the power is cut off and the wind is blowing, the awning can be recovered by the hand crank rocker to prevent loss. A larger awning will use a larger motor with a corresponding torque.
      5. Control system (for customers to choose)
      ①Switch control
      ②Radio control (remote control)
      ③Cooperative control of light, wind, temperature and rain sensors
      Because Leisure Furniture has limited wind resistance, it should be recycled when the canopy body is found to fluctuate too much. When the manpower is insufficient, the sensor can be actively recycled and opened according to the set condition. Both improve comfort and ensure safety.