Velvet Fabric Manufacturers: Highly Recommended Velvet Fabric

We have two kinds of solid velvet and crushed velvet with a completely different appearance.

  Our luxurious soft velvet is currently one of our best-selling curtain fabrics because it is very popular in 2018. We have two kinds of solid velvet and crushed velvet with a completely different appearance. Pressed velvet has a very unique appearance and has recently been associated with many celebrity homes and interior designs. We do not sell lint, you will find that they are all made of polyester. This makes the handling of velvet easier. Our velvet fabric is short and dense. It is a luxurious fabric that creates luxurious soft furnishings, including curtains and furniture.

  Depending on the direction you observe the velvet, the appearance of the velvet may be different due to the reflection of light. In general, we recommend making curtains while the fluff is running downwards to prevent dust from catching, but it is not uncommon for fluff to run upwards (darker and fuller in color). When connecting, the width of each velvet should extend in the same direction, which is very important. In addition, Velvet Fabric Manufacturers in the United Kingdom strongly recommends lining the curtains to prevent the hair from falling off and fading due to sunlight. As with all curtains, the lining will provide a better drape and appearance. Before you start manufacturing curtains, be sure to consult the curtain manufacturer for advice.

  Before choosing curtain fabric, you need to consider the following points: fabric type, curtain-type, curtain lining, curtain rod, metal curtain, or chemical price, and how much fabric is needed. Check out our "Measurement and Calculation" page to help you solve all these problems.

  We provide tailor-made services on velvet curtain fabrics. If you want to know more about our tailor-made curtains, please contact us.

  We always recommend that you dry clean our velvet curtain fabrics in a professional velvet dry cleaner.

  All our velvet fabrics can be purchased online or in stores from the fabric warehouse in Northamptonshire.