Hotel Curtain Fabric Brings You A Comfortable Sleep

Hotels often bring us a pre-existing noise problem, which is impractical or infeasible to solve with buildings.

  Hotels often bring us a pre-existing noise problem, which is impractical or infeasible to solve with buildings. Hotel Curtain Fabric provides a reasonable solution, because the hotel does not have to pay high construction costs, does not need to lose revenue due to closing rooms, and can be implemented immediately.

  We have solved the problems of traffic noise, nearby building noise, noisy corridors, and other noises for hotel customers. Your customers will thank you for a better night's sleep.

  Our Hotel Curtain Fabric can be used to block noise or improve acoustics. Our STC soundproof curtains function due to their inner lining. These linings are special proprietary vinyl materials made specifically for quiet curtains. The fabric used to construct the curtain has little effect on the sound insulation effect. Let us know the needs of your project and we will recommend the best solution.

  Proprietary lining block 15-20 dB

  It can reduce the amount of noise heard by the human ear by about 60% (the highest curtain tested on the market).

  Up to 1.0 NRC rating laboratory test. This means that the curtain will absorb 100% of the sound!

  Three-layer heavy-duty structure, good sound absorption effect, check the laboratory test

  power failure

  Our proprietary lining can completely cover all curtains

  Thermal regulation

  Our heavy curtains help regulate the temperature

  Beautiful fabric

  Choose from one of our high-quality fabrics

  high quality

  You will be satisfied with the quality of workmanship and finish

  Easy installation

  Our curtains can be installed on poles or rails

  Easy closing

  Our curtain track has outstanding performance. They are smooth and easy to close. They are reliable for our heavy curtains. Our curtains can also be installed on poles.

  Quality stitching

  Our curtains are durable three-layer curtains that are durable. They have discreet stitches and reinforcement stitches.

  Custom fabric

  We use high-quality fabrics. You can use any fabric of your choice, but our fabric has been tested for noise. We provide linen, cotton, microfiber, and velvet fabrics. Our curtains can be made into a variety of structures, including folding, corrugated folding, flat, Roman blinds, and the new STC 17 rolling curtain.